Learn with us how to get your audience to take action with your presentations, stories and drawings.

We would love to teach you how to bring your ideas to life!
After you have trained with us, your presentations will be crystal clear and convincing, you will know how to inspire your audience and encourage them to take action, you will present with confidence and conviction, and you can convey complex information with drawings.

Our team

Yolanda Bakker
+31 (0)6 41251656
Meet Yolanda, our all-rounder. By watching and listening very carefully, she knows how to put participants at ease and get them moving. She combines this ability with an insatiable curiosity about the world of our customers and a focus on the results for their organizations.
Floris de Monchy
+31 (0)6 24506122
Meet Floris, our Minto specialist. Floris combines his analytical approach with his passion for theater to help create stories with lasting impact.
Sarannah Vonk
+31 (0)6 44838785
Meet Sarannah, our ever-patient expert. She easily builds an environment where people share stories that create and deepen relationships. With her quick and analytical mind, she helps participants convert large amounts of data into insightful graphs and dashboards.
Maaike Dokter
+31 (6) 59 81 06 86
Meet Maaike, our energy expert. By asking the right questions, she helps participants translate their own ideas into structured presentations for their audience. Her positive energy always finds its way to the participants and is contagious!
Noa van Slooten
+ 31 (6) 59 82 24 80
Noa is our conscientious guide. With her structured and thoughtful training style, Noa creates a safe haven where people can try new things, make mistakes, and learn by doing. Noa has a passion for presenting!
Kari van den Kommer
+31 (6) 598 22 582
This is Kari, our social butterfly. She easily connects with others and ensures that everyone feels comfortable. Always with a smile, because while developing skills is important, having fun along the way is just as crucial.
Joris van den Berg
+31 6 59 82 25 85
Joris is our passionate inspirator. He ensures that participants discover their joy in creating well-structured presentations and personal stories. With an open-minded approach and interested demeanor, he also creates an environment where everyone dares to fall and rise again.
Sanne Slopsema
+31 (0)20 - 428 95 50
Sanne is our illustrator. She can visualize the most complex processes and ideas with very simple shapes. She has an infectious energy and guides you step by step on how you can present your own ideas through your drawings.

Experiences from
our participants

  • “Trainer Noa responded well to our needs and presents the material in a good way!”
    Participant, training Pyramid Principle
  • “ The training has helped me a lot to sharpen my presentation skills. Sarannah is a very pleasant instructor, allowing plenty of room for questions and additions. A small group (4 participants) is also very nice, providing enough space to learn from each other.”
    Loes Spoelman, training Pyramid Principle
  • “ A training on content and skills, taking a broad approach. All aspects from brainstorming to the final presentation are covered. The book and follow-up support help to delve deeper into those parts that you need. Yolanda is passionate about helping the participants move forward, and (in a friendly way) doesn't let go until you have gained this insight. I definitely recommend this course!”
    Participant, training Pyramid Principle
  • “ Great training thanks to the inspiring input from Maaike. Received many tools to be able to write a focused and concise story. The Pyramid Principle is a good tool for that!”
    Jacco, Ekwadraat
  • “I found it to be a truly valuable training that I will use often, and the role of trainer Kari in that is crucial because it made me realize that the method is not as easy as it seems at first glance.”
    Geert van Gennip, VodafoneZiggo
  • “ Highly informative and enjoyable training. You learn step by step how to quickly and easily visualize text or processes. Sanne explained and visualized everything clearly. And it's immediately applicable. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance text with visuals.”
    Linda Mensingh, participant Just draw it!
  • “ Very satisfied. Noa knows how to convey the subject matter very well. Top teacher!”
    Hilke Velthuis, Tata steel