Customization for your team

If you are interested in enhancing your team’s ability to effectively communicate ideas, we would be happy to schedule a meeting to tailor a program specifically designed to meet your needs and objectives.

We tailor our In-company trainings to your needs

We explore your situation
First, we will talk to you about your team: how do you communicate your ideas, what works well and what could be improved? What would you like to develop, and what results do you expect from it? What has been addressed in the past and how did it work out? Together, we will form a clear picture of the situation and the dilemmas.
We design a targeted trajectory
We design the combination of consultancy, training, and hands-on work that allows us to help your team as targeted as possible. We primarily aim for short-term success. Often, successes are already visible after one day of training. Additionally, we focus on the sustainability and long-term success. This ensures that the team not only maintains the achieved results but also knows how to expand them.
We document all agreements
Once the approach has been thoroughly discussed, we document it in a clear plan, ensuring that everyone is optimally prepared. We can take on many tasks, such as inviting participants, securing locations, and collecting evaluations, thereby lightening your workload.
We adjust if necessary
We monitor progress before, during, and after the process, and make adjustments when necessary. Is everyone still engaged? We stay in touch with the participants and with you as the client to ensure continued alignment.

Ready to request a custom training journey?

Experiences from
our participants

  • “It is essential to keep in mind whom your story is intended for and to truly empathize with their position. That was the most important eye-opener for me from the training, and I still reap the benefits from it.”
    Laura Hoosemans, PostNL
  • “Within KPN, we aim to convey the core of the message in a clear and understandable manner. This helps us communicate persuasively and simplify decision-making. De Monchy and Bakker facilitates us in this to our full satisfaction.”
    Dennis Bunschoten, KPN

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