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February 23, 2023

“The hotel exceeded my expectations based on the photos on the website. The lobby was tastefully decorated with Scandinavian furniture. There was a large bouquet of flowers at the reception desk and a beautiful photo of the Royal Palace of Bangkok hanging on the wall. The lady at the reception immediately knew who I was. She asked about my journey and handed me the key to my room, emphasizing that I should come by if I needed anything. 

The contrast was striking when I entered my room. As tasteful as the lobby was and as warm as the reception had been, the room was cold, dreary, and bleak. It started with the hallway leading to my room, with walls covered in peeling paint and a foul-smelling staircase. The room itself was more like a closet. The bed barely fit, and to my surprise, there was no private bathroom despite it being listed in the room description. My window didn’t offer a view of the city but instead faced a bare wall. In short, it was a complete disappointment. 

I went downstairs to address the situation, but the lady at the reception was nowhere to be found. I tried calling the hotel’s phone number, but there was no answer. I left a note at the front desk asking to be called back and returned to my dismal little room.”

This story was shared by Dex during our Storytelling training. It was a personal anecdote about his trip to Thailand. He intended to use it as an introduction to his plan, which he would present to his team to improve service to existing customers. He concluded his story with: 

“Poor service? Absolutely. Will I ever return to this hotel? Definitely not. And I certainly will not recommend this hotel to my friends. No, I will warn them to stay away!” 

Storytelling Captivates the Imagination
Why use storytelling in the workplace? Because as a listener, you immediately understand what it is about! Dex could have started his presentation by simply stating that the service to customers does not match what his organization promises to new clients. Instead, he shared a personal experience where he received poor service that did not meet his expectations or the service he received during his initial contact. By then drawing a comparison to the poor service his organization provides to its own customers, you instantly grasp the issue with this little story. 

Furthermore, sharing a personal experience is powerful because as a listener, you experience this story even though you were not there! Additionally, sharing a personal story is enjoyable. We humans love listening to stories. By sharing a story, you are giving a gift. And not only is this gift gladly received, but you often get a new story in return. And that means understanding each other and the beginning of deepening relationships. 

Discover that you too have stories worth sharing!
Join the Inspire with Storytelling training. Immerse yourself in stories, experience the power of storytelling, and discover that you too have stories worth telling!” 

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