Een IJzersterk Verhaal

Floris de Monchy, Yolanda Bakker, Heleen van der Helm (Mediawerf, 2019)

Can make a quick PowerPoint? Then we can discuss it with the management team. Giving presentations is a daily occurrence for many people. But how do you do that? How do you select the right information to tell? How do you turn that information into a clearly structured story? How do you ensure a clear structure? How does a slide come across well? With pictures? Without? Where do you get the flair to present your story convincingly?

Presentation trainers Floris de Monchy and Yolanda Bakker and presentation designer Heleen van der Helm describe how to approach this in Een IJzersterk Verhaal in three steps. This manual is the handbook for our Presentation training.

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Teken het Maar! Breng je ideeën tot leven

Sanne Slopsema (Mediawerf, 2019)

Visual communication is ‘a hot topic’ and for good reason. Drawing helps you to clarify what you mean in a quick and accessible way. This ensures more and better understanding, and more fun collaborating. It really helps you get your ideas off the ground.

Do you want to know how to turn abstract concepts into clear, inspiring drawings? Do you have an idea or plan that you want to convey to your audience in a visual way? But you don’t know how to do that? Then Business drawing is for you.

In this practical book, Sanne Slopsema shares the theory and exercises from the Business drawing training. She helps you draw step by step, encourages you to develop your own visual language and convey your ideas to others in a visual and convincing way. After reading this book, you will not only have discovered a lot about visual communication, but you will also have drawn and practiced a lot. Sanne challenges you to draw your ideas and share them visually with others.

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Books we recommend

We are indebted to many inspiring writers. We recommend the following books if you want to communicate even more effectively.

  1. How to make an impact – Jon Moon. This book shows you how to clearly formulate and display the information you want to convey in presentations and reports.
  2. Made to stick – Chip and Dan Heath. How do you ensure that an idea sticks? Why do some ideas sit on a shelf while others succeed? Read it in Made to Stick.
  3. Slide:ology – Nancy Duarte. How do you turn a good presentation into a great presentation? Nancy Duarte shows how to design visually appealing slides.
  4. The Pyramid Principle – Barbara Minto. Barbara Minto, the founder of The Pyramid Principle, the method for clearly structuring ideas. Minto explains how to present your thinking so clearly that the ideas 'jump' off the paper into the reader's head.
  5. The Story factor – Annette Simmons. Annette Simmons is our Storytelling guru. She gives many examples of how you can influence, inspire and convince people through the art of storytelling.