1-on-1 presentation coaching


Are you struggling with creating your presentation or your pitch? Or would you like to practice and improve that one very important presentation or speech? One of our specialists is ready to assist you in crafting your story together or practicing the presentation until you can confidently persuade and inspire your audience.

After this training, you are able to

  • Create a strong, structured narrative for your story
  • Achieve your goal through a presentation
  • Create clear slides with illuminating visuals and avoiding excessive information
  • Find the balance between what you say and what you show on your slides
  • Provide a personal introduction before starting the presentation
  • Handle 'tough questions' and dealing with the unexpected
  • Connect with your audience; from fighting to dancing
  • Present with confidence; in yourself and in the positive outcome

Get in touch with us and let us know which topic you want to work on

Above are the topics we can work on. If your topic is not listed, still give us a call to explore how we can help you. Once we know what we are working on and what you want to achieve, we will determine how long it will take. We can dedicate a half-day or a full day, or longer or shorter, depending on your needs.

After the coaching, you will stay in touch with your trainer to ensure you truly apply what you have learned. Additionally, you will receive our valuable insights on presentations and presenting every month

Your trainers

  • Floris de Monchy

    Meet Floris, our Minto specialist. Floris combines his analytical approach with his passion for theater to help you create stories with lasting impact.

  • Yolanda Bakker

    Meet Yolanda, our all-rounder. By observing and listening attentively, she knows how to put participants at ease and get them moving. She combines this ability with an insatiable curiosity about our clients' world and a results-oriented focus for their organizations.

  • Sarannah Vonk

    Meet Sarannah, our ever-patient expert. She effortlessly creates an environment where people share stories that establish and deepen relationships. With her quick and analytical mind, she helps participants turn large amounts of data into insightful graphs and dashboards.

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1-on-1 presentation coaching