E-learning creating presentations

3 modules

If you have an upcoming presentation and want to clarify your story, create compelling slides, and persuade your audience, consider taking the training online and at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits you, with personalized guidance.

After this training, you are able to

  • Formulate a message that matters
  • Select the right information from an abundance of it
  • Ensure a structure that optimally supports your argument
  • Craft titles that are both catchy and logical
  • Design visualizations that truly convey your point

Individual online powerful presentation training

How do you capture your audience’s attention within seconds when presenting or pitching? How do you structure your argument logically? How do you create a set of slides that bring your story to life in such a way that your audience immediately makes the desired decision? Even when you are not there to present your story ‘live’?

During our online training “Creating Presentations with The Pyramid Principle,” you will learn to create crystal-clear presentations that move people!

You will take the training online at your convenience. You can take as long as you need. You will attend theory sessions, do exercises, and apply the theory to your own cases. After each segment, you will have personal contact with your trainer. You will discuss your results and present your practical situations. In between, we are always available to help if you have any questions. In total, you will spend two days (16 hours) completing the training from start to finish.

Effective communication with your presentations
Research results, project proposals, quotes, pitches; we want them to grab and hold the attention of their recipients. If you regularly create presentations for colleagues, clients, and customers, you want to get to the point quickly and convince them of your idea. And that without losing essential content. After the “Creating Presentations with The Pyramid Principle” training, you will be able to create crystal-clear and effective presentations.

The Pyramid Principle: the presentation technique of consultants
In this training, you will get to know The Pyramid Principle, the global standard for advice developed by McKinsey’s strategy consultants. We have further developed this approach for presentations and documented it in our presentation manual “Een Ijzersterk verhaal” (Mediawerf, 3rd edition 2019). The book is included with participation in the training.

We have successfully introduced this method to numerous specialists and consultants from organizations such as De Nederlandsche Bank, Enexis, House of Performance, KPMG Meijburg, KPN, PostNL, Rabobank, Synechron, TenneT, and VODW Marketing.

Your trainers

  • Noa van Slooten

    Noa is our conscientious guide. With her structured and thoughtful training style, Noa creates a safe haven where people can try new things, make mistakes, and learn by doing. Noa has a passion for presenting!

  • Kari van den Kommer

    This is Kari, our social butterfly. She easily connects with others and ensures that everyone feels comfortable. Always with a smile, because while developing skills is important, having fun along the way is just as crucial.

  • Joris van den Berg

    Joris is our passionate inspirator. He ensures that participants discover their joy in creating well-structured presentations and personal stories. With an open-minded approach and interested demeanor, he also creates an environment where everyone dares to fall and rise again.

  • Maaike Dokter

    Meet Maaike, our energy expert. By asking the right questions, she helps participants translate their own ideas into structured presentations for their audience. Her positive energy always finds its way to the participants and is contagious!

Experiences from
our participants

  • “Just gave the new presentation. This is how every meeting should be, very clear message, avoiding unnecessary details and topics that are only for information. And because the message was so clear, there was little discussion, the request for help was clear, and received good commitments to provide that help.”
    Jules van Damme, Rabobank
  • “I found it to be a truly valuable training that I will use often, and the role of trainer Kari in it is crucial because it made me realize that the method is not as easy as it seems at first glance.”
    Geert van Gennip, VodafoneZiggo

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