Masterclass Presenting

1 day
10 participants

Have you completed the training “Creating Powerful Presentations with The Pyramid Principle”? Are you enthusiastic about the method and looking for further enrichment? Or do you find yourself struggling with a challenging story that you just can not seem to get across effectively and could use some assistance? Then this training is for you!

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After this training, you are able to

  • Apply new executable ideas to make your story resonate even better with your audience
  • Avoid the most significant pitfalls
  • Expand the application of the Storyboarding technique even further
  • Apply your in depth knowledge of The Pyramid Principle directly in practice

We deepen your knowledge about the application of the Pyramid Principle

We will quickly refresh the theory and then dive into your own stories. You will learn how to elevate your story to a higher level, tailored to your specific needs. We will cover building the most common types of narratives: an evaluation, a proposal for improvement, the launch of a new product/campaign/plan, a briefing, a progress report. You will also learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls. Additionally, we will explore when to use the storyboard technique in your other work, such as effectively probing your client’s problem at the start of a project or discussing interim results.

If you need assistance in creating flashy slides, we will show you how to craft sharp titles, assess at a glance whether your slide is clear and effective, and provide tips for giving your slide a makeover. And if you are still uncertain about structuring your story, we will guide you through the most common narrative structures and how to sidestep pitfalls.

Your trainers

  • Sarannah Vonk

    Meet Sarannah, our ever-patient expert. She effortlessly creates an environment where people share stories that build and deepen relationships. With her quick and analytical mind, she helps participants translate large amounts of data into insightful graphs and dashboards.

  • Floris de Monchy

    Meet Floris, our Minto specialist. Floris combines his analytical approach with his passion for theater to help you create stories with lasting impact.

  • Yolanda Bakker

    Meet Yolanda, our resourceful trainer. By observing and listening closely, she knows how to get participants moving. She combines this ability with an insatiable curiosity about our clients' world and a focus on results for their organizations.

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