Presenting science

1.5 days
10 participants

Discover the secrets of effective presentations for various target audiences and learn how to make your research resonate both within and outside your field of expertise. Learn how to captivate an audience full of non-specialists with your research findings and encourage them to look beyond the boundaries of their own discipline. For participants working at a University or College, we offer a special rate. Please contact us for more information on the conditions.

After this training, you are able to

  • Present your story cohesively, clearly, and comprehensibly
  • Capture attention and create a narrative arc
  • Make your story relevant to your audience
  • Effectively leverage your strengths as a speaker

Training for scientists and researchers who want to present complex material in an accessible and inspiring manner

Scientific research forms the basis for knowledge development. However, societal impact only occurs when the results of that research are successfully shared. This includes not only within your own field but also outside of it, such as at conferences, interdisciplinary seminars, and within multidisciplinary research consortia. Some knowledge even needs to transcend the boundaries of the scientific arena to ensure that recommendations and best practices find their way into society. And that can be a challenge for many scientists. How do you effectively present your insights to people outside your niche, such as politicians, businesses, or societal organizations?

Discover the secrets of effective presentations

Craft a presentation suitable for different target audiences and learn how to make your research resonate both within and outside your field of expertise. Learn how to captivate a room full of non-experts with your research findings and get them to look beyond the confines of their own discipline. So that they listen attentively during the presentation and ask interested questions. Come up to you afterward to introduce themselves and invite you to further discussions. Because that’s where interesting connections arise, innovative research begins, and scientific breakthroughs are achieved. In short: discover how to present science with impact.

This requires that your story has a clear structure

That it is interesting, surprising, or even exciting for your audience. That you know how to make your story relevant to them while being aware of your own goal. That you make relaxed contact with your audience, making them receptive and curious. That you can play with their expectations and entice them to interact.

These and other techniques of scientific presenting with impact are taught during this open training, conducted by biologist, presentation coach, presenter, and former science journalist Marloes ten Kate. Marloes is co-founder of Scientific Storytelling, where she trains scientists in the art of telling a understandable and engaging story. She worked as a science journalist and presenter for national radio and television programs. As a presentation coach, she has trained hundreds of (international) researchers in the techniques needed to prepare and deliver effective presentations.

For whom: Scientists and researchers who want to present complex material in an accessible and inspiring manner.
Language: English

Day 1 (morning + afternoon): Compose your story

Based on your own case, you compose a impactful story:

  • Structure: Make your story cohesive, clear, and understandable;
  • Engagement: Capture attention and create a narrative arc;
  • Relevance: Ensure your story is relevant to your audience.

For day 2, you will prepare your presentation: create the slides and know the content of your story.

Day 2 (half-day): Present with confidence

With Marloes, you will work on your personal presentation style and effectively utilize your strengths as a speaker. You will work on your voice and posture; you will learn to establish and maintain connection and engage effectively in interaction. You will learn to tell your story in a relaxed, purposeful, and confident manner.

Your trainers

  • Marloes ten Kate

    Marloes ten Kate is a presentation coach, science communicator, and presenter. Marloes is driven by the content, structure, and message of scientific lectures in particular. She is skilled in storytelling techniques and works with scientists who want to translate complex material into an engaging and accessible story.

Experiences from
our participants

  • “Marloes is brilliant at what she does, a lovely manner with calm and efficient approach to getting the best out of her brief. Marloes, grasped my brief, made delivering my message much better and the end result was a win for all of us and many in the audience too. Marloes has exceptional communication skills, knows all the important items to address in the right order. The good delivery of presentations is usually overlooked and if we are to be effective communicators, we need to learn how to do it better, Marloes is that one very good teacher.”
    Dr Bharat Pankhania, Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Exeter Medical School
  • “It was an amazing experience working with Marloes. As a scientist transformed into an entrepreneur it is not always easy to communicate what we do effectively. Marloes has been of great help helping me prepare for the Dutch Biotechnology Association Conference. Will definitively work with Marloes again in the future!”
    Maria Fátima Lucas, Co-founder and CEO at ZYMVOL, computational chemist
  • “Marloes is is very enthusiastic and you can immediately see that she loves what she does. In collaboration with NWO she organized the ICT.OPEN masterclass "Pitching and Presenting". From the beginning Marloes was very interested in the topic and the participants and actively looked for ideas to present the desired topics as good as possible. Throughout the collaboration, communication was open and always friendly and engaging. The workshop itself was interactive, appealing and provided many useful tips. Marloes took the time to talk to all participants personally at the beginning and answered all questions in detail. No wonder the feedback from the participants was very positive. I can highly recommend working with Marloes.”
    Olivia Muthsam, Policy Officer at NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
  • “The feedback was unambiguous: Marloes greatly helped the participants to give better talks and to present their science in a cleaner, more confident, and more engaging manner.”
    Stephan Formella , Managing Director Science & Research Boehringer Ingelheim

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