Writing strong reports

2 days
10 participants

If you have difficulty putting a clear story on paper, the training Writing strong reports at De Monchy & Bakker in Amsterdam is perfect for you. In this training you will learn how to report your findings in a clear report. This way, you are able to make a clear point and everyone immediately understands what you mean. Do you want to learn how to achieve this? Then register for our training!

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After this training, you are able to

  • Write with a clear goal in mind
  • Write a concise yet complete story
  • Make your audience take action
  • Write using clear language

With our training Writing strong reports, your findings will always come across well

A report is the endproduct of a research you have conducted. It is important that this is clear and easy to read. After all, this is what people see about your work. In the training Writing strong reports, you will learn how to write a report that people enjoy reading. Avoid long and boring texts and focus on writing the core of your story in a targeted manner. Learn how to inspire your audience to take action, even with just words on paper.

Your trainers

  • Kari van den Kommer

    This is Kari, our social butterfly. She easily connects with others and ensures that everyone feels comfortable. Always with a smile, because while developing skills is important, having fun along the way is just as crucial.

  • Yolanda Bakker

    Meet Yolanda, our resourceful trainer. By observing and listening closely, she knows how to get participants moving. She combines this ability with an insatiable curiosity about our clients' world and a focus on results for their organizations.

  • Maaike Dokter

    Meet Maaike, our energy expert. By asking the right questions, she helps participants translate their own ideas into structured presentations for their audience. Her positive energy always finds its way to the participants and is contagious!

  • Floris de Monchy

    Meet Floris, our Minto specialist. Floris combines his analytical approach with his passion for theater to help you create stories with lasting impact.

Experiences from
our participants

  • “A great training thanks to the inspiring contribution of Maaike. Received many tools to write a focused and concise story. The Pyramid Principle is a good tool for that!”
    Jacco, Ekwadraat

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