2 days
8 participants

If you are interested in learning how to connect people with stories, consider enrolling in our “Inspire with Storytelling” course. Whether you want to touch, warn, or teach others, create your own story at De Monchy & Bakker in Amsterdam.

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After this training, you are able to

  • Create five different types of stories
  • Deploy the right story at the right time
  • Create your own story
  • Use ingredients that make a story inspiring
  • Tell an engaging story
  • Listen attentively and experience what attentive listening does to you

Discover storytelling in our course and learn the five stories you need to be able to tell

Storytelling is something humans have been doing for as long as we’ve existed. Around a campfire with friends, at the dinner table with family, by the office coffee machine—stories are a powerful tool, even in the workplace. Because stories are instructive, they connect people, and with the right presentation, they can be very persuasive.

With a well-chosen story, for instance, you can warn people by sharing your own mistakes and errors. Others can learn from them.

Make your voice heard by participating in the storytelling course
When you participate in this course or a workshop at our company, you have your own goals for storytelling. Perhaps you want to excite stakeholders about a new service, get employees on board with merging two departments, overcome resistance to the acquisition of a new company, or inspire colleagues about the direction of the department. These are all moments where it is important to use and tell a story. You don’t just want to tell any story; you opt for a personal and inspiring story that you present with great strength. That’s what you’ll learn in our storytelling workshop.

In our storytelling course, we work with small groups of up to eight participants who undergo training together to learn how to tell stories. This way, we create an environment where everyone can experiment optimally with creating and telling their own story.

Would you like to know which five stories you should be able to tell after attending a storytelling workshop? Then watch the following video.

Da 1: Experience the power of Storytelling

You will learn:

  • Why we tell each other stories;
  • Which five stories every professional should be able to tell;
  • What ingredients make a story impactful;
  • To listen attentively to a story (and experience what that does to yourself and to the storyteller);
  • To create a compelling anecdote.
Day 2: Discover the storyteller within yourself

You will learn:

  • Which moments are suitable for a story (and which are not)
  • To apply different story structures to your own story (the hero’s journey, beginning-middle-end, starting with the end)
  • To optimize your own story
  • To tell the story in an inspiring and enthusiastic manner
  • To practice different storytelling techniques (integrating dialogue, sitting, standing, starting with action, starting with silence)

Your trainers

  • Sarannah Vonk

    Meet Sarannah, our ever-patient expert. She effortlessly creates an environment where people share stories that build and deepen relationships. With her quick and analytical mind, she helps participants translate large amounts of data into insightful graphs and dashboards.

  • Joris van den Berg

    Joris is our passionate inspirator. He ensures that participants discover their joy in creating well-structured presentations and personal stories. With an open-minded approach and an interested attitude, he also creates an environment where everyone dares to stumble and rise again.

  • Yolanda Bakker

    Meet Yolanda, our resourceful trainer. By observing and listening carefully, she knows how to put participants at ease and get them moving. She combines this ability with an insatiable curiosity about our clients' world and a results-oriented approach for their organizations.

Experiences from
our participants

  • “The setup of the training was good. Storytelling can be applied very effectively in many situations. Construct the story well so that people hang on your every word. The trainer was excellent, and all participants also contributed very well. We were also able to learn from each other.”
    Brigitte de Bies, participant Storytelling training

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