Business drawing

1 day
10 participants

In our training, you will learn how to visually communicate to make complex information easier, faster, and more enjoyable to convey. This way, you will always be able to captivate and persuade your colleagues with your ideas. Join this inspiring course and draw along with us at De Monchy & Bakker in Amsterdam!

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After this training, you are able to

  • Develop simple shapes, lines, and symbols in your own visual language
  • Apply visual thinking and storytelling techniques
  • Draw visualizations and visual stories that captivate and persuade

Discover the power of visual communication in our course

Clarify your ideas with simple drawings. In this one-day training, you’ll learn how to visually convey your ideas more easily to others. Visual communication is the new way of sharing information, and you’ll master it during our course. Digital drawings can be perfect during meetings.


In the morning, you will get acquainted with the basics of drawing while sketching. You will explore the possibilities of drawing, gradually building your creative confidence. By the end of the morning session, you will learn how to visualize data, and the first signs of your own visual language will emerge in your sketchbook.

During the afternoon session, you will engage in visual communication by working on your own topic. Step by step, you will structure your ideas, combine images into a cohesive whole, and give meaning to your story in an engaging manner. By the end of the training day at our company, you will have a drawn version of your own case: evidence that you can now communicate visually! This could take the form of a visual story, infographic, vision board, or roadmap. Towards the end of the day, you will learn how to easily digitize your drawing and share it attractively with others. You can seamlessly incorporate the drawing into presentations or apply it to your own visual thinking, enabling you to present persuasively.

Your trainers

  • Sanne Slopsema

    Sanne is our illustrator. She can visualize the most complex processes and ideas with very simple shapes. She has an infectious energy and guides you step by step on how you can present your own ideas through your drawings.

  • Maaike Dokter

    Meet Maaike, our energy expert. By asking the right questions, she helps participants translate their own ideas into structured presentations for their audience. Her positive energy always finds its way to the participants and is contagious!

Experiences from
our participants

  • “It is confronting how things can indeed be visualized more effectively (and easier!)”
    Gerrit de Jager, Cartoonist and comic artist
  • “A highly informative and enjoyable training. You learn step by step how to visually represent text or processes quickly and easily. Sanne explained and visualized everything clearly, and it's immediately applicable. Recommended for anyone looking to enhance text with visuals.”
    Linda Mensingh, Participant Just draw it training
  • “A very enjoyable and inspiring training. I didn't know I could draw! You learn well how to enhance your story with simple (!) drawings and illustrations. Sanne shows you in a fun way how to engage your audience with drawings and co-create with them. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to everyone.”
    Lot van Gelder, OVSW
  • “A fun course where you are well guided through business drawing. From warming up to the end product! At the end of day two, you will also present something using drawings. This course helps you to carefully consider what you want to present.”
    Saskia Marcano Bakker, Participant Just draw it training

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