Data visualisation

2 days
8 participants

Do you want to know what makes our data visualization course in Amsterdam so valuable? Data is everywhere. The need to understand it, learn how to visualize data, and utilize data is greater than ever. Do you want to be able to effectively convey complex data through visualization? Do you want to motivate your audience to take action with your data? Then join our two-day course at De Monchy & Bakker and learn data visualization from our experts.

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After this training, you are able to

  • Find the story within (and sometimes behind) your data
  • Find the right visualization for that story
  • Leverage the power of visual perception
  • Apply design principles to distinguish your data
  • Translate your storyline into a visualization (a dashboard or report)

Discover the power of data visualization

Organizations are accumulating a growing amount of data that needs to be understood and utilized. Translating data into concrete insights proves to be challenging. Often, data remains displayed without providing any insights. In our two-day data visualization course, you will master the art of visualizing data and learn to translate it into clear insights. You will learn to convey these insights through visualizations and inspire action from your audience.

Data visualization is a blend of data analysis and good design. Through our company’s course, you will learn to uncover the story behind your data and determine how to visualize it. With your audience in mind, you will decide what to communicate. You will also learn to select and create the right visualizations for your ideas. Thinking like a designer, you will present visualizations in a compelling manner. After our data visualization course, you will be able to connect your visualizations with a storyline using The Pyramid Principle.

You will translate your storyline into a clear report. You will be able to build effective and visually appealing dashboards that provide users with the insights they truly need. Finally, you will learn to transform your visualizations into a presentation in our training.

Your trainers

  • Sarannah Vonk

    Meet Sarannah, our ever-patient expert. She effortlessly creates an environment where people share stories that foster and deepen relationships. With her quick and analytical mind, she assists participants in transforming large amounts of data into insightful graphs and dashboards.

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