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1 day
€ 785
8 participants

Learn digital drawing on a tablet or PC. In our course at De Monchy & Bakker, we provide you with all the necessary information in our Digital Drawing course to skillfully execute this. Whether you want to use your drawing in a presentation or learn how to visually report on a meeting, you will learn it all. Have you already participated in our Just draw it! training? Then enhance your knowledge and learn digital drawing now in this course with us in Amsterdam!

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After this training, you are able to

  • Instantly draw digitally with basic knowledge
  • Apply important design and layout principles
  • Create your own digital image bank full of visual ideas and symbols for reuse

Learn to draw digitally in our training

Drawing on a tablet is different from drawing on paper. When drawing digitally, you use a different drawing technique and look at your drawing in a different way. Additionally, digital drawing offers new possibilities compared to analog drawing. The fun part about digital drawing is that you can experiment endlessly. Without redoing your drawing, you can adjust line thickness, change colors, add shadows, and play with size. This allows you to present effectively and creatively.

In an inspiring one-day course, you will discover all the possibilities and learn digital drawing:

  • You will learn the basics of digital drawing.
  • You will work directly on your own digital drawing(s).
  • You will learn how to create a visual report of a meeting.

Who is the training for?
The training is intended for anyone who has completed the “Just draw it” training or any other course where you have learned to work visually. Even if you have experience with business drawing and are confident in your drawing skills, you are welcome to join!

What do you need for the training?
For participation in the “Teken digitaal” training, you will need: a drawing tablet (such as an iPad or Galaxy) or a drawing tablet connected to your PC, with the (free) drawing app Adobe Fresco (or alternative) and a stylus. Prior to the training, you will receive an explanation of the basic functions of the Adobe Fresco app so that we can get started right away during the training.

Your trainers

  • Sanne Slopsema

    Sanne is a trainer and visual consultant at De Monchy & Bakker. She helps clients create compelling stories where image and message reinforce each other. In the "Just draw it" training, she teaches people how to convey their stories and ideas through simple and engaging drawings. Sanne has worked with clients such as KPN, Alliander, TenneT, VodafoneZiggo, Enable-U, Tata Steel, NS, Woningnet, Keylane, and Enexis.

Experiences from
our participants

  • “Nice training! In a relatively short time, you learn a lot of drawing techniques and strategies, especially by practicing a lot. ”
    Participant, training Just draw it
  • “Very enjoyable and inspiring training. I did not know I could draw! You learn well how to enhance your story with simple (!) drawings and illustrations. Sanne shows you in a fun way how to engage your audience with drawings and co-create with them. I highly recommend this training to everyone.”
    Lot van Gelder, OVSW
  • “Highly informative and enjoyable training. You learn step by step how to visually represent text or processes quickly and simply. Sanne explained everything clearly and visually, and it's immediately applicable. I recommend it to anyone looking to reinforce text with images.”
    Linda Mensingh, training Just draw it

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