Drawing as teambuilding

Amsterdam / external location
2.5 hours
max 20 participants

A creative online workshop as a fun and educational break with your team.

  • Being creative together
  • Getting to know each other in a different way
  • A boost for your creative self-confidence
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After this training, you are able to

  • Draw faces using simple shapes
  • Visualize emotions and accessories
  • Visualize character traits

Small portraits of yourself and your colleagues

In this 2.5-hour workshop you will learn how to easily draw each other’s portraits, as well as your own. You use the now familiar image of your colleagues captured in small boxes on your computer screen. It starts with taking a good look at each other. To the shape of the face, the hair, the clothes. But while drawing, we also explore each other’s character in a cheerful way. We do this in an atmosphere where discovery and experimentation are at the core. A lot of fun and a surprising (good) end results are guaranteed! All drawings are taken home.

The workshops looks as follows:

Warming up
We start with an inspiring excursion into how others draw and paint portraits. Then we do fun and easy warm-up exercises to remove any remaining nervousness. You will soon discover that anyone can draw!

Then you will draw a very simple portrait yourself, step by step. What basic shapes and parts can we discover in each other’s faces? And what is the best order to draw them? You will discover it while looking and drawing.

We draw each other
In small groups you draw simple portraits of each other. Have you ever taken a good look at your colleagues? Really good? Which shapes do you recognize? Which facial expressions are immediately noticeable? What if you magnified them? Or just reduce it? We try everything.

You draw yourself
Finally, you might also draw a simple self-portrait. How would you draw yourself if you wanted to capture your character in an image? How would you look? Serious, laughing or mysterious? How would you dress? Casual, colorful, businesslike, neat or sporty? Today you can determine how someone else looks at you and create your own ‘avatar’.

Your trainers

  • Maaike Dokter

    Meet Maaike, our energy expert. By asking the right questions, she helps participants translate their own ideas into structured presentations for their audience. Her positive energy always finds its way to the participants and is contagious!

  • Sanne Slopsema

    Sanne is our illustrator. She can visualize the most complex processes and ideas with very simple shapes. She has an infectious energy and guides you step by step on how you can present your own ideas through your drawings.

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